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Internet extension .bio

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Organic organizations have been able to apply for the internet domain name extension ‘.bio’ since 24 April 2014. The introduction of this extension is part of a program put forward by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), which manages the global internet domain name system, allowing the appearance of new domain name extensions.
In keeping with its core values, IFOAM is lending its support to this project in order to protect its affiliates, defend the interests of organic agriculture overall, and promote organic food and farming values. IFOAM’s role further extends to helping the ‘.bio’ registry operator define its registry policy accordingly.

The new '.bio' Internet extension contributes to increased clarity and transparency for the organic food and farming sector; greater online visibility for organic sector professionals; a new and large inventory of short and memorable domain names; a trusted marketplace to deliver online content and information. More information about .bio, as well as the reservation of a domain name with this extension, is available here.





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