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Italy: Sana Academy

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The 26th edition of SANA will take place in Bologna on 9 – 12 September 2014. This year, SANA Academy’s traditional free-of-charge courses will take place again. They will be delivered in two ways: direct streaming on the SANA website in the months preceding and following the show, and upfront conferences during SANA itself.

The first conference kicks off on 12 June with attorney Valeria Fabbri, who will hold an online course entitled “New Sales Channels for Herbal and OTC Products” looking at e-commerce. Participants will be able to put questions directly to the speaker. The second web seminar is on 26 June when Gian Paolo Valli from the Carpigiani Gelato University will be talking about “Secrets and Virtues of Organic Ice Cream”. The next webinar “Innovation in Nutrition and Food Supplements and Sports” will be given on 3 July by Professor Fulvio Marzatico of Pavia University and Dr Nicola Sponsiello, a food science specialist.

During SANA, on 6 September, attorney Gabriella Ferraris give a course on advertising food products, supplements and cosmetics. On 7 September, Carlo Vettorazzi will give a broad overview of the organic catering sector, a conference offered by Bio Hotel Elite of Levico Terme. The following day, 8 September, will be the turn of Paolo Sari, organic chef to be awarded a Michelin star - given this year to his restaurant Elsa in Monte Carlo. Paolo will talk about: “The Failure of Food Globalisation”. Finally on Tuesday 9 September, naturopathist Marco Valussi will examine the infection-fighting properties of certain essential oils.

The courses in streaming will resume on 25 September with attorney Laura Gazzi looking at contractual agreements and herbal sector outlets. A further conference is scheduled for 30 October with Roberto Spigarolo, a researcher at Milan University, on promoting organic food in school and company canteens, to be followed on 20 November by a conference on supplements and nutraceutics by Professor Enrico Roda. More information is available from SANA.



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