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BioFach 2015 presents trend category "Free From"

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The number of people who would intentionally like to do without particular ingredients is rising. Under the umbrella term of "Free from", this young product category is therefore expanding with new momentum. For the first time, organic producers offering these items have an opportunity at BioFach from 11 to 14 February 2015 to show their expertise in this area in a separate category on the Novelty stand. Over 600 inspiring products were registered in 2014 by the 2,263 exhibitors at BioFach and Vivaness on the two Novelty stands, capturing the attention of the 42,445 trade buyers. Discovering new, fresh, innovative products is one of the most important reasons each year for visiting the twin exhibitions in Nuremberg. (Picture: Novelties at BioFach 2014)
Experts estimate that one in five consumers in Germany suffers from lactose intolerance. Up to three percent cannot tolerate histamine and up to seven percent are intolerant of fructose. Around one percent of consumers suffer from coeliac disease and so have to avoid gluten in wheat and other grain crops. Not everyone on a gluten-free or lactose-free diet is actually diagnosed with coeliac disease or lactose intolerance. Often, people simply change their diet because they can minimise their symptoms in this way.

"The segment is growing rapidly", confirms Moritz Baumgarten, Marketing Manager at Schnitzer in Offenburg, Germany. "We can see considerable potential in Europe, as the range of foods available is expanding in parallel with the increasing number of intolerances." The size of this product group should not be underestimated because so many different intolerances are grouped under a common term. "Our gluten-free range is growing at above-average rates of up to 20%", confirms Susan Bauck, Sales and Marketing Manager at Bauck in Rosche, Germany. Some producers are now focussing on the needs of nutritionally sensitive people across the entire range. Apart from going without gluten, many items are often also free from lactose. More and more products are also specifically being made without wheat, soya, milk, nuts, eggs or yeast. Bauck, for example, has very many items in its range, such as cake mixes, which can be made without eggs or milk. More information is available from BioFach.




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