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Argentina: Deaths from cancer in GMO-areas

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The Report on Cancer in Córdoba 2004-2009 by the Ministry of Health has revealed that deaths from cancerous tumours are higher than the national average in areas where GE-crops are grown and agro-chemicals are used, The Ecologist reports. The highest rate of death occurs in the Pampa Gringa area, where most GMO crops are grown and most agrochemicals are used. The provincial average for cancer deaths is 158 per 100,000 inhabitants, but in four of the Pampa Gringa departments the death rates are much higher, ranging from 216 to nearly 230, according to information from The Ecologist. Other intensive agriculture regions in Córdoba also have cancer deaths well above the provincial and national average, ranging from 180 to 201 per 100,000 inhabitants.

The recent publication has received critisism from doctors and researchers regarding the government delays and unwillingness to take action. Dr. Medardo Avila Vazquez of the University Network for Environment and Health (Reduas) explains that what they have complained about for years has been confirmed, especially what doctors have said about the sprayed towns and areas affected by industrial agriculture.  Researchers at the the National University of Río Cuarto have studied the people of Córdoba for eight years and have confirmed that people exposed to pesticides suffer genetic damage and are more prone to cancer. The full article is available here.





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