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Continued growth in the Fairtrade market

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Shoppers continue to reach for Fairtrade-mark labelled products in ever-growing numbers while Fairtrade’s offer to farmers and workers deepens, according to a new report by Fairtrade International. The world’s leading ethical label had strong continued growth as consumer sales of Fairtrade certified products hit €5.5bn worldwide in 2013. Out of Fairtrade’s leading products, 2013 sales grew for coffee (8%), sugar (22%), bananas (12%) and flowers (16%).

Strongest growth markets include the USA, where sales of Fairtrade products increased to €300m since the Fairtrade mark’s introduction in 2012, and new South-South markets India and Kenya, who join South Africa as Fairtrade producer countries with rapidly-growing sales of Fairtrade products in their own markets. Germany cemented its number two market position after the UK, with consumer retail sales topping €650 million following strong 23% annual growth. At the same time Fairtrade International reports a number of far-reaching initiatives set to open more opportunities for the people at the far end of the supply chain – now more than 1.4 million farmers and workers, belonging to 1210 producer organizations in 74 countries.

Additional highlights of the report include: The emerging markets Czech Republic, Hong Kong and South Korea all doubled their annual consumer sales. Fairtrade premium payments, received by producers on top on the selling price, reached over €86 million. Small farmer organizations invested 86% in farmer services and strengthening cooperatives. Eleven companies signed on to the new Fairtrade Sourcing Programs, with pledges to increase purchase volumes of Fairtrade cocoa and cotton year-on-year, set to deliver €1.3m additional Fairtrade premium funds to cocoa farmers in 2014 alone. Fairtrade Africa, the regional Fairtrade organization governed by producers, took over delivery of services to farmers and workers in Africa and the Middle East. There are over 30,000 Fairtrade retail products on sale in 125 countries. The full Fairtrade International Annual Report 2013-14 Strong Producer, Strong Future is available for download here.




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