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USA: Right to Know Colorado Wins GMO Labeling Debate at CIR

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Right to Know Colorado, the campaign supporting GMO labeling’s Proposition 105 on Colorado’s November ballot, is celebrating a victory winning an 11-9 vote at the Citizen Initiative Review (CIR)’s panel of pro- and anti-GMO labeling presentations. The CIR works like a jury process. CIR mailed letters and applications to 5,000 voters around the state, looking for participants.

A select group of 20 citizens were picked to participate that reflected the voter composition of the state, in terms of location, education, and other factors. Those 20 citizens convened in Denver for three days of intensive study on the measure. They researched the initiative and viewed presentations from those in favor and against. They also heard from neutral sources, who were also agreed upon by both sides. The event was open to the public. The Colorado CIR will produce a voter guide on Proposition 105. The review is a pilot program aimed to help voters understand complicated ballot measures better. More information is available here.



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