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Organic industry leaders confirmed for Nordic Organic Food Fair 2014

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Renowned Swedish chefs Paul Svensson and Anders Ramsay, strong proponents of sustainable organic cuisine, have been confirmed to host live demonstrations at this year’s sold out Nordic Organic Food Fair, taking place in Malmö, Sweden, on 26-27 October. Now in its second year, the two day trade event also boasts a packed Organic Theatre programme featuring sessions from IFOAM EU, KRAV Sweden, EkoMatCentrum, Fazer Food Services, Soil Association Certification, and Rolf-Axel Nordström, founder of Ängavallen.

Paul Svensson, a well-known face on Swedish TV, has over a decade of experience working in top restaurants, including the Michelin-starred F12 and Bon Lloc in Stockholm. After officially opening this year’s show at 10am on Sunday 26 October, Svensson will be giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy his culinary skills in a series of live cooking sessions on the Menigo stand. Svensson will also be appearing in the Organic Theatre discussing food now and in the future. Anders Ramsay will also be appearing on both days of the show (in association with The Vegan Society).  He’ll be taking centre stage on the Biolab stand promoting “tasty, deceptively simple” organic food “with lots of veg”.

Notable highlights in this year’s Organic Theatre programme include an exclusive panel debate on Sunday 26 September discussing how organic and conventional food communities can learn from each other to create a sustainable value chain for the future. The session, chaired by Rolf Bjerndell, will feature Helene Birk (Organic Denmark), Johan Cejie (KRAV Sweden), Lee Holdstock (Soil Association Certification), and Mikael Robertsson (Organic Sweden). The panellists will be focusing on possible solutions to meet future needs and how innovation can help create results.

Morten Hammerich is the CEO of Fazer Food Services – an industry leader in organic certification of catering kitchens in Denmark.  In 2010, the company decided to increase the use of organic produce in their 160 canteen kitchens.  The initial goal was to have 30-60% organic food without changing the budget.  Today, four years later, this goal has been reached.  Hammerich’s session will focus on the pros and cons of striving for organic certification, and the use of local ingredients versus organic food, in public kitchens, canteens and restaurants across the Nordic region. Full timings and seminar summaries are available here. More information is available here.



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