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Australia: Organic certification reopens Chinese market for Temple Bruer Winery

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Temple Bruer Winery at Milang in South Australia has become the first NASAA certified organic operator to attain full organic certification under the NASAA – CHC Global Organic Market Access Agreement.  Owner of Temple Bruer, Mr David Bruer, estimates achieving Chinese organic certification via NASAA could be worth more than AUD760,000 (about €513,000) annually and boost the winery’s export market by as much as 25%. According to Mr Bruer the winery expects to be exporting around 9,000 cases of organic wine to China annually at an average export price of AUD85 a case. (Picture: from left to right - Wenpeng Yu, Ben Copeman (NASAA), David Bruer (Temple Bruer), May Xu, Anney Wang (CHC))

Temple Bruer have been exporting since 1989 to predominately Asian markets including Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and The Philippines, as well as small quantities to New Zealand, Canada, UK and Sweden. The winery began exporting organic wine certified to Australian standards to China in 2004, but stopped in 2010 as they became conscious that Chinese certification was required, which until the NASAA – CHC Agreement, was a costly and time-consuming process. In March 2014 NASAA signed a global market access agreement with Chinese organic certifier CHC to inspect organic operations within Australia for export to China. More information is available here.




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