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USDA survey of organic agriculture

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To learn more about the trends of organic agriculture in the USA, the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) is conducting the 2014 Organic Survey. It will look at many aspects of organic agriculture during the 2014 calendar year – from production and marketing practices to income and expenses. It will focus on operations that are currently engaged in organic production and on those making the transition to organic agriculture. (Picture: Presentation of organic navel oranges produced in the USA)

Dee Webb, State Statistician of the NASS North Carolina Field Office, explains that the results of the survey will help shape future decisions regarding farm policy, funding allocations, availability of goods and services, and other key issues. In addition, the information can help producers make informed decisions about the future of their own farming operations. The results will be published in August 2015. More information is available here.


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