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A successful year for organic consumption in Italy

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The organic sector was doing well in Italy last year. This is what Ismea revealed regarding domestic purchases for 2007. Even though consumption of conventional products stagnated, consumption of organic products increased. According to data collected by AcNielsen-Ismea, which, however, does not include specialized outlets, household expenditure for the purchase of organic products showed an increase of 10% in 2007 (compared with 2006).


Milk and dairy products rose by 10 %, and fruit and vegetables by 25 %. Data also confirmed an increase of baby food (32 %), soft drinks (+18 %), oil (+ 6%) and rice and pasta (+15 %). The figure for honey was positive  (+4%), and meat and processed meats (+20%) increased as well. Satisfactory results for ice cream and frozen foods were achieved. An increase of 1 % was reported for organic eggs.


A decline of 2.5 % for biscuits, sweets and snacks was revealed as well as a decline for organic bread (-3 %), the same decline as for the same conventional product.


In 2006, the number of importers increased by 5%. The market prospects, based on the findings by Ismea, confirmed a positive trend for the next two to three years.


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