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Agence Bio prepares promotional campaign in France

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Agence Bio and six professionals from Interfel (Inter-professional Association of the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Industry) plan a major campaign of information and communication on organic farming for the next two years, namely for 2008 and 2010. To enhance the promotion of organic farming, Agence bio provides a programme by organizing major events.


Agence Bio organizes "unifying events", aiming at informing consumers on the special advantages of products from organic farming. The organization will also be present at future editions of the “Salon International de l'Agriculture” in Paris.


In general stores, certain events will be organised regularly. The heads of department will be trained to inform customers better. The details of the communication campaign are being developed, explains Agence Bio.

According to the barometer of Agence Bio, conducted by the CSA institute, the market for organics is growing by 10% annually. 42% of French consume organic products at least once a month.


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