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Perf Go Green Holdings, Inc has announced that their first products will be available at starting this month. The products are the 13 gallon kitchen trash bags and 30 gallon lawn and leaf bags. By offering their products on, Perf Go Green provides consumers another easy way to purchase their products prior to hitting grocery store shelves, according to the CEO Tony Tracy. He continues that Perf Go Green is about education and making simple changes that facilitate a greener lifestyle. offers a number of environmentally conscience products, making it a convenient one-stop destination for finding these complementary green products.


Perf Go Green, Holdings Inc. is a New York-based company. Through a certain process and the use of recycled plastics, the company effectively removes plastic waste from the environment. The corporate name reflects the 'Go Green' mission for the development of eco-friendly, non-toxic, food contact compliant, biodegradable plastic products as a practical and viable solution to eliminating plastic waste from the world environment.


Founded in November 2007, Perf Go Green premiered at the March 2008 International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago, where its products received an honour for their design quality and innovation. In addition to offering its products online, Perf Go Green is rolling out its first items in nationwide chain stores later this year.



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