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Bio Brazil Fair/BioFach América Latina

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Fulfilling all expectations, the 2013 Bio Brazil Fair/BioFach América Latina, and Naturaltech events on 27–30 June 2013 attracted 20% more buyers than last year and a total attendance of 21,485. Bio Brazil Fair/BioFach América Latina, the international trade show for organic products and agro-ecology, and Naturaltech, the international trade show for healthy food, natural products, and health, have once again confirmed their significance in representing market sectors with strength and quality.
The Organics Brazil project, in partnership with Francal Feiras and NürnbergMesse, organized the ninth International Forum at the event. It was attended by personalities from the organic world from a variety of countries, who discussed the critical international trends and opportunities for Brazilian products in the global market. The forum not introduced new ideas and proposals and also helped build a positive image of Brazil in the international market.

“The organization of the International Forum indisputably contributes to the country’s image-building process. It is a privilege we can now rely on, with presentations by international speakers who previously only attended events in Europe and the United States. They now have an in loco perception. Despite the fact that our market is relatively new, with its own rules, the internal market is strong and there is great potential for exports to grow,” said Ming Liu, IPD project's executive coordinator, which is NürnbergMesse's partner for Bio Brazil Fair/BioFach América Latina. More information is available here:



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