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Anuga Organic 2013

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Anuga Organic - one of the ten Anuga trade shows - will be held in Cologne (Germany) between 5 and 9 October 2013. For the first time, participation in Anuga Organic will require proof of organic certification. With around 250 exhibitors, this fair will present a wide range of organics in Hall 5 of the Cologne exhibition centre. In this hall, visitors will also be able to enjoy organic catering jointly organized by Bioland and Naturland.

Some of the exhibitors at Anuga Organic are Alb-Gold, Bioland, Bio aus Dänemark, Chia, Consorzio il Biologico, Lauretana, Naturland and Bernhard Zabler. First-time exhibitors will include Organic Food Service Network (Denmark), Kff Kurhessische Fleischfabrik (Germany) and Seven Oaks Food (Netherlands). The trade show will also feature state participations from Denmark, Germany, Italy, Morocco, the USA and China. For the first time, it will also welcome groups from Bolivia, Bulgaria, Greece, Austria and Peru. In addition, visitors will be able to obtain information about an extensive range of organic products in the Fully Organic special show.  

The presentations and workshops that will be offered at Anuga Organic as part of the Centre of Expertise for Organic Products will provide participants with practical information and address advanced training. Among other things, the new EU process for importing organic products from non-EU countries will be explained. In addition, the aims and labelling systems associated with vegan products will be presented and and issues such as regionalism and labelling will be addressed. Tasting sessions for wine, olive oil and other products will provide participants with insights into various organic food and drink segments. A special initiative will be the Save the Soil sustainability campaign, in which various dedicated companies - from manufacturers to trading firms - are involved, as are scientists and celebrities. Organic products will once again be displayed in other trade shows as well. These products are easy to find, thanks to the Anuga exhibitor database. Further information is available at


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