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Argand’Or in the Organic Top 17

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After numerous national awards Argand’Or Argan Oil has now won its first international one: The readers and editors of the biological magazine ODE have elected Argand’Or into the “Organic Top 17 – the best, most innovative, inspiring and sustainable products and companies around the world.“ Which ecological and creative products, which socially engaged and sustainable business ideas and concepts are able to inspire people around the world, crossing all borders? With this question in mind the editors of ODE, a monthly American magazine, have researched new and innovative products in over 90 countries. They have found „rice milk“ for children with allergies, made in America, the goat cheese „Niotiko“ from Greece and the small British company „Viridian“ – and they have found „Argand’Or Argan Oil“, a Moroccan product pressed by hand the way it was done centuries ago.


“When we first presented our argan oil on the BioFach 2005 fair, no one knew about this precious treasure of nature”, explain the founders of the Argand’Or GmbH, Rudolf Bresink and Mohamed El Karz. The branding, the product’s high quality and the socially engaged business concept did not fail to convince the jury: Argand’Or Argan Oil was elected “Product of the Year 2005: Recommended Biological Food”. This award marked the beginning of an extraordinary success story. Subsequent awards include the first price of the founder’s initiative “Best Excellence Rhein Main”, the nomination for the “Hessen Champion 2006” in the category “World Market Leader”, and the “Hessischer Gründerpreis 2006” for young start-up companies.


Closely cooperating with the German GTZ, with European and Moroccan organizations, an outstanding partnership with the women’s cooperative U.C.F.A. (Union des Coopératives des Femmes de l’Arganeraie) had been established within short time. Today 1.000 women are working for the “Moroccan Gold”, thus earning the living expenses of 6.000 persons. Starting with Gourmet Food Oil and Argan Cosmetic Oil, the product range
has recently been expanded with supplement caps on a vegetable base and a line of natural cosmetics. Argand’Or products are today being sold in many countries, including Japan. The company is now negotiating with “Wholefoods” in the USA.

For more information: Rudolf Bresink, Managing Director Argand’Or GmbH, Tel. 06172/49997-10,,




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