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Ayurvedic Organic Jeans

by Redaktion (comments: 0), a company with global presence, specializes in making customized jeans to meet personal needs. They have recently created a new fashion product which uses techniques that go back more than 5,000 years and are said to heal the body. This new organic jeans product uses a process that originated in India - Ayurveda. Fabrics are dyed in medicinal herbs to practise Ayurvedic medicine, which is said to treat various illnesses. Ayurveda-treated fabrics expose these medicinal herbs to the body through the skin.

Currently, the company accepts orders for bespoke jeans, trousers, shorts and bed sheets - all made using this Ayurvedic organic fabric. Interested jeans lovers can choose from stretch or regular denims, provide exact measurements, pick various fits and specify front and back rise as well as bottoms. Each pair of jeans is individually cut and custom tailored. Due to more hand techniques, the jeans are softer than most of the mass-produced lots. While jeans are the most popular product, the company also manufactures casual and wedding suits - all bespoke. has received an Organic Certificate for their chemical free, Indian-origin fabrics from the Netherlands; the natural hand process dyeing is performed in the forests of India. Even the building where the fabrics are dyed is comprised of organic bricks.





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