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Banuq joins the Made-By family

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Banuq, the Berlin based fashion brand with a global approach to business, has become the 34th international brand to sign and commit to Made-By. “At Banuq we are committed to doing business responsibly, cost what may,” says Mauro Pavesi, Banuq’s co-founder and managing director. He continues that their garments are also fashionable and take a step away from the traditional belief that ethical means boring.” The management and design team at Banuq is Italian, the company is registered in Germany, and it produces its products in Egypt and Ethiopia. It has worked and received support from professionals and colleagues in Italy, Germany, Denmark, Japan, Holland, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Ghana. (Picture: Davide Grazioli (Chief Designer) and Mauro Pavesi (Managing Director))

“We believe in the power of ideas and dedication,” adds Mr Pavesi. “The partnership with Made-By establishes a perfect synergy between our common values and visions. Our commitment to Africa and Made-By’s expertise and network enable us to strengthen our impact in the countries where we operate and expand our ambitions about sustainability and responsibility.” This aesthetic approach of Banuq is combined with a focus on the environment and social sustainability, and to this end the company has set up a fully African supply chain. The organic and fairly traded cotton used by Banuq is grown and processed into fabric in Egypt, while the garments are produced in Ethiopia. The object of the exercise was and is to create something beautiful while contributing to the creation of jobs in Africa through a socially responsible project. “We like the idea of personal fashion where people design their own look by picking up and freely combining pieces of clothing from different moods and brands,” says Davide Grazioli, Banuq’s co-founder and designer. “We think of our brand as a journey, we want to provide refined clothing for people who like to move, travel and explore new horizons and cultures.”

Made-By was founded in 2004 in response to rising consumer concern in Europe over social and environmental issues in the fashion industry. It was set up by Solidaridad a leading Dutch and international NGO that has been an innovator and driving force in fair trade and environmental issues. Made-By has had a significant and growing impact on the sustainable fashion industry in Europe since its launch and operates globally in partnership with Solidaridad and has offices in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom. 






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