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Bioagricert implements two new certification schemes

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Bioagricert, the first independent Italian technical control body, celebrates its 18th birthday. The experience acquired in the certification of organic quality, the in-depth knowledge of problems associated with organic production (from small companies to large industries) and efficient organisation based on specialised skills continue to boost the confidence of producers and consumers. Bioagricert has implemented two new certification schemes now:


Fair Trade Certification- operAequa was lauchned to improve workers' conditions, to develop the organization of disadvantaged producers, to avoid discrimination and to guarantee equal conditions among workers, to avoid infant work and protect children and women, to establish long-term and equal commercial relationships with producers, and to implement the use of sustainable and renewable resources.


Eco Energy: The certification process includes the sending the application for certification together with the initial check list information; a first visit to the company in which a technician prepares a Bioagricert energy budget, a calculating of greenhouse gas emissions, information on possible interventions; achievement of the possible interventions; and verification and certification.





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