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Capital and channels – Emerging markets workshop

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

In November 2013 Triodos Investment Management organised the ninth annual workshop for its partners in inclusive finance. The two-day workshop took place in an open atmosphere. Board members and top management from partners in Africa, Asia and Latin America engaged in lively debates about current developments and challenges of the inclusive finance industry. 

The key topic on the first day was ‘How to raise capital whilst protecting the long-term strategy of the (microfinance) bank’. Setting the scene, the programme began by looking at the global and macro perspective. A brief outline of the lessons learned from the current financial crisis was then followed by an interactive session on financial markets, (im)patient capital, and considerations for attracting the right investors. The participants discussed the dilemmas they face from both the investor/fund manager perspective, and the microfinance bank/investee perspective. They also debated how to meet capital needs while staying true the mission, vision and long-term strategy of their institutions.

Traditional outreach models have limitations in terms of cost-efficiency and delivering services to the bottom of the pyramid. At the same time new and innovative competitors are entering the market and taking market share using alternative distribution channels. Mobile banking is quickly changing the landscape in most emerging markets. Participants discussed how agency banking, the use of IT in client contact and smart profiling changes the way institutions can connect with clients. Successful examples of these strategies highlighted the opportunities and threats that these new developments can provide.

Participants also had the opportunity to meet and connect with investors and fund managers at Triodos Bank head office. 

Source: Triodos


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