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Children drive organic sector growth

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Children are a big reason for the growth in popularity of organic goods, according to major organic industry members. “A substantial amount - up to a third – of our organic category is estimated to be consumed by a person under eight,” Rick Carmont, brand category manager with the world’s leading dairy exporter, Fonterra (New Zealand) states.


Don Fraser, consultant to the organic retail success story Macro Wholefoods Market, says consumer concerns over food origins and ingredients has parents made looking for certified organic alternatives. “This willingness to invest in a child’s health is occurring despite the fact parents may not consume organic themselves,” according to Mr. Fraser. He continues that some mothers are buying two separate rounds of groceries – conventional product for themselves, but organically produced for their children.


Monica Waters of Nourish Foods states that parents are becoming more aware of a gap in healthy food availability for toddler and above aged children. “We built a line of kids organic snack food to cater to this. Our research showed while the baby food market is very highly regulated, when it came to food for slightly older children, additives, preservatives, colours and flavours began creeping in”, reports BFA.


BFA spokesperson and nutritionist Shane Heaton says he is not surprised parents are more likely to purchase organic. “Children are more vulnerable to food toxins than adults – they have a larger intake of food per kilo of body weight and immature organs and detoxification and immune systems,” he says. “And a study released last year found young children exposed to certain preservatives and food colours are more prone to hyperactive tendencies.” Data: University of Southampton:


Ulli Spranz, owner of bio-dynamic dairy B-d. Farm Paris Creek states she and her husband changed professions to run a chemical free property when they started a family nearly thirty years ago. “We wanted to provide a safe environment, manage a sustainable system, and provide families with access to quality food,” according to Mrs. Spranz. She continues that Paris Creek dairy products are a favourite with young customers and growing families. “Children seem to choose natural products if given the choice from an early age. The most common feedback we get from parents is that their children love the taste.”



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