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Climate-neutral kiwis from New Zealand

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

In response to consumer concern over global warming, Eosta has launched its climate-neutral product line earlier this year, being the first company in Europe to do so. After the introduction of apples and pears from South America, vine tomatoes from Holland and citrus fruit from South Africa and Egypt, Eosta now offers climate-neutral kiwi from New Zealand.


“It makes perfect sense for us”, says Greig Taylor, managing director of Freshco, “to compensate CO2 emissions which are caused by our kiwis during agricultural production, processing and distribution. We want do demonstrate that shipping fruit from New Zealand can be environmentally responsible.” Based on the pioneering work of Eosta, Freshco is the first company in New Zealand to certify kiwis from their growers as climate-neutral by the German certification agency TÜV Nord.


Climate-neutral means that the CO2 emissions related to the fruit have been compensated for, beginning with a full life-cycle assessment including three levels of emissions: 1st level emissions from the agricultural production process, 2nd level emissions from shipping, warehousing, cooling, etc. and 3rd level emissions resulting from the manufacture of fertilizers and other off-farm-inputs, packaging materials, related business travel, etc. After the total amount of emissions are added up, they are offset with carbon credits obtained through innovative composting projects.



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