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Cornucopia Institute sends formal letter to Pres. Obama

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President Obama and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack are being urged to take immediate action to repair the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP). Suspect imports of grains, nuts, and vegetables from China and other countries, questionable organic milk, beef, and eggs from giant factory farms, and a cozy relationship between USDA managers and corporate agribusiness lobbyists are said to be injuring the organic label’s reputation.

Consumer demand for organic foods has skyrocketed in recent years, propelling organics into a 24 billion $ a year business. That same hunger for organics has encouraged some large corporations, factory farms, and foreign producers to move into the organic business in the USA, but without allegedly upholding federal organic production standards, according to the Cornucopia Institute. The Cornucopia Institute, a national organic watchdog representing family farmers, has sent a formal letter and briefing paper to President Obama and Secretary Vilsack, specifically asking that they take “a very strong and proactive posture in turning around management at the National Organic Program (NOP)”. Thousands of organic farmers and consumers have also contacted the President and USDA Secretary.

The Cornucopia Institute launched a "Change at USDA" campaign earlier this year and is helping stakeholders in the organic community to unite for rehabilitation of the NOP. The farm group has helped coordinate many letters from industry stakeholders, letters to both Mr. Obama and Secretary Vilsack, from farmers, retailers, business executives and consumers, supporting a sweeping management shakeup at the National Organic Program.

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