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Cornucopia intents to file suit in federal district court

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The Cornucopia Institute has informed the USDA about their intention to file suit in federal district court, since the agency was ignoring the organic regulations, reports Cattle Network. This is the latest step in a long dispute between organic family farmers and the USDA. Mark Kastel, Analyst at the Cornucopia Institute, stated that the organic industry had repeatedly petitioned the USDA to crack down on an increasing number of industrial-scale factory farms producing “organic” milk.


Dean Foods and Aurora Dairy have gained a dominant market share by producing on feedlot dairies milking up to 10,000 cows. Cornucopia’s attorney mentioned that consumers would feel betrayed since organic milk was produced by inhumane animal husbandry with no economic justice for family farmers and the milk would be shipped all around the country. It seemed that the USDA was allowing these confinement dairies to not provide pasture for their lactating cows.




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