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Debut of a new organic distribution centre in Rome

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Prices for natural food sold in supermarkets and stores of the Italian capital are expected to be significantly reduced in the near future. A new distribution centre will be opened in April this year on the outskirts of Rome, the first of this kind in Europe. It will offer an area of 1,500 square meters, 500 square meters of this space will be refrigerated. The goal of this new platform is to reorganize the entire organic commercial net in Lazio by creating one platform  in this region for the first time. Having a choice of 2,736 agricultural companies in the territory, it was time-consuming for the buyers to get their supplies. Now it will be possible to buy directly at Guidonia. The effects on the producers are positive as well: they can concentrate on one single spot and are able to lower their prices.


Organics in Lazio are no longer niche products, therefore availability for all citizens should be guaranteed. This is especially important in Rome, since the demand is high there. Of the 1,000 stores in Italy selling natural food, around 150 are located in the capital. 140,000 organic meals are delivered daily to the school cafeterias of the commune. A better organization of the distribution may allow better economic efficiency.



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