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Distribution of 30 pesticides prohibited in France

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

France will withdraw 30 most worrisome substances from the market by the end of the year and another ten by 2010. This was confirmed by the draft implementing the directives of the "Grenelle" presented by the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development Jean-Louis Borloo. As announced in January, a ban on distribution of 30 pesticides has just been enforced, while the use will be prohibited next December.


The law provides for the reduction of substances for which there is nor another product or a practical alternative by 50% by 2012. The ultimate objective of the French government is to cut the use of pesticides in half within in the next 10 years, after new techniques for replacement are developed.


In parallel, the government plans to regulate the distribution and application of pesticides, particularly through training programmes and the separate identification of sales and consulting service in a framework in which the recording and traceability of products are guaranteed. Farmers will benefit from a doubled tax credit to switch to organic. This year, a perennial programme of applied research and training together with a screening of the state of health of farmers and a programme of epidemiological surveillance is launched.


The law also provides for emergency measures for the protection of bees starting next year. With regard to other aspects related to sustainable development, the law reaffirms the objectives that organic products should be cultivated on 6% of agricultural land by 2013 and on 20% by 2020. In addition, the French government wants to bring 30% of  farms to lower energy dependency by 2013.


Even if they are not mentioned, biofuel is evoked by the text stressing that "the first vocation of agriculture is to respond to food needs of the population and that should be even more emphasized in the coming decades."



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