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Dole launches new website

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Dole Fresh Fruit Int., Ltd. has announced that the launch of its new website to allow consumers to get a closer insight on the company’s organic banana operations. The site houses several interactive tools, stated Social Funds. Consumers show an increasing interest for specific information about the farms where the organic bananas are grown or purchased from growers. The website hosts several interactive tools to give the information to the consumers.

The Dutch company Eosta already launched about two years ago with its Nature & more website a similar idea.


The bananas’ labels contain a farm code corresponding to the specific farm where the product was sourced. By entering the code, the website gives access to the farm’s page supplying information about the farm's location and certification. Consumers are able to learn about the grower and to find out about projects sponsored by Dole. They can also view the farm where the bananas are grown by the most advanced satellite images technology available on the internet.


Dole’s organic bananas for the European, North American and Japanese markets are produced or sourced from Honduras, Ecuador, Dominican Republic Colombia and Peru.



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