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Duchy Originals spreads to America and India

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Andrew Baker, the new chief executive of Duchy Originals, has announced plans to launch the brand in North America and India as part of a five-year plan to quadruple the annual turnover from £ 50 million to £ 200 million. As in Britain, the company aims at protecting local farming communities and at encouraging them to grow food in a sustainable manner.


Duchy Originals will help the farmers to sell their products under the brand name. The Prince of Wales is well respected and known in the United States of America, which is considered to be a big advantage for the brand there.


Mr. Baker states that the company has also taken steps to establish a Duchy presence in India linked to the Prince’s Bhumi Vardaan Foundation, established to help poorer farmers.


There is also a new strategy to multiply sales: Duchy consumers have been buying infrequently and rarely shop across the range. To increase sales, new packaging is going to be introduced. The website is already re-launched and online sales are offered. The company targets new areas such as tea shops and hotels as well as travel retail. Mr. Baker also intends to cut the existing range of 300 products by as much as a third in the next year.


Duchy Originals was launched in 1990. The company’s standards also include the commitment to donate profits to good causes, building on the £ 7.5 million already donated to the Prince’s Charities Foundation.



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