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EFSA: updated guidance on monitoring GM plants

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The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has published updated guidance on the post-market environmental monitoring of GM plants. The document expands on previous EFSA guidance provided in this area, further strengthening the requirements that applicants must fulfil for the environmental monitoring of GM plants authorised for placement on the EU market. It also makes recommendations for risk managers to improve the way PMEM data are collected and reported in the EU. EFSA reports. As with all EFSA guidance documents on genetically modified organisms, the Authority engaged in consultation at different stages during its development with Member States and a broad range of stakeholders.

Post-market environmental monitoring of GM plants is comprised of two components. The first is ‘General Surveillance’ and must be carried out in all cases where a GM plant is approved in the EU. The second component of PMEM is ‘Case-Specific Monitoring’ and must be carried out when, in the original Environmental Risk Assessment of a GM plant, EFSA identifies a potential risk or level of uncertainty (or both) that can be mitigated during cultivation but nevertheless needs to be monitored on an ongoing basis. More information as well as the updated guidance are available here: EFSA


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