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EU to extend Eco-label to food and drink

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The European Commission announced that its environmental labelling scheme will be extended to cover food and drink products, reports The Organic Standard. This move is part of the revision to include a broader range of products and services under the scheme. The Commission claims the proposal will further improve the environmental performance and energy efficiency of products, as well as boost their sales. However, the applicable standard has not yet been developed, and it may take a further 18 months before the new revised regulation comes into force.


Manufacturers will no longer be charged application fees, which previously amounted to a percentage of their Eco-label product sales, in the revised regulation. However, a survey conducted by Eurobaromater found Europeans are generally ready to consider paying more for such products.


Until now, Danish restaurants and caterers have been subject to the EU Organic Regulation, and have been handled as any other processor. However, the Danes have found that the food processing rules do not work very well for restaurants, especially regarding the documentary requirements. The new EU Regulation allows caterers to be treated differently. The Danish Food Authority has now developed a proposal to allow restaurants and caterers to market themselves as bronze, silver or gold organic respectively, where each level signals a certain proportion of the purchased raw materials to be organic. For bronze 20 - 40 % of the raw materials should be organic, for silver it should be between 50 and 95 %, and when more than 95 % of the raw materials are organic they get the gold sign. Finland already has a similar system in place.



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