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Fairtrade CZ extends activities to Slovakia

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Fairtrade Czech Republic has changed its name to Fairtrade Czech Republic and Slovakia. The new scope covers activities in Slovakia, with a focus on Slovak retailers and promotion of the Fairtrade mark. Retailers in Slovakia are increasingly interested in Fairtrade. Alongside this, it is highly important to raise more awareness of Fairtrade amongst Slovak consumers.

Fairtrade Czech Republic has been part of Fairtrade International since 2009 and the organization has been actively supporting fair trade since 2004. Last year, two new member organizations from Slovakia joined the platform - Živica and Integra, who both have been promoting Fairtrade in Slovakia for a long time. “We cannot bring the change in thinking and decision making of Slovak consumers ourselves. Our cooperation in this region is highly important, and mainly in the promotion and awareness-raising about Fairtrade,” says Allan Bussard, Director of Integra, which supports disadvantaged people in developing countries through education and access to the market.

The changes make Slovakia the second country in Central and Eastern Europe to have an official Fairtrade representation. “It is great to see how Fairtrade grows in other countries and how it keeps developing. Support from the Czech Republic to our partners in Slovakia is a great opportunity to bring more consumers in Central Europe to responsible consumption. We strongly believe that Slovak consumers are ready to support Fairtrade farmers and workers with their daily purchases,” says Andrea Richert, New Markets Manager at Fairtrade International. More information is available from Fairtrade Czech Republic and Slovakia and Fairtrade International.





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