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Fairtrade becomes popular since natural cosmetics go mainstream

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

A large number of natural and organic cosmetic companies are implementing Fairtrade sourcing policies, with some launching certified Fairtrade products. Most product launches have been in the French market, which now has the largest number of cosmetic products with the internationally-recognised Fairtrade mark, reports Organic Monitor. A number of natural & organic cosmetic companies are setting up Fairtrade grower projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Some are growing endangered plant species and investing in social community projects.

In its new Strategic Insights report, Organic Monitor evaluates the business potential of Fairtrade Cosmetics & Ingredients, giving details of standards, certification and market potential. Mainstreaming is leading to new product launches in supermarkets, hypermarkets, discount stores, drugstores and department stores. Fairtrade is catching on as it enables cosmetic products to be marketed on ethical values, attracting consumers concerned about social inequality and sustainability. With a growing number of natural & organic cosmetic companies adopting Fairtrade practices, Organic Monitor predicts some convergence between standards. A number of organic certification agencies are already integrating Fairtrade practices into their standards.



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