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First organic prefecture in Greece

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

At the opening session of the 1st International Symposium „Creating the Future with Social Responsibility“, the Greek Development Minister Christos Folias stated that the government envisioned converting Grevena into Greece’s first organic prefecture. Initiatives and interventions of the past years had already shown results for the region. (Picture: Greek organic supermarket)


Organic produce was already produced on 15 % of the arable land in Grevena, which made the prefecture the top one in Greece, where the average was 2 %. He also called the local residents and leaders to help.


A total of 428 projects with a budget of more than 600 million Euros have already been launched in Grevena and more projects were underway in the sectors of tourism, commerce, processing, manufacturing and training with 250 businesses receiving subsidies for investment plans. It was also confirmed that the government endorsed entrepreneurship with a social face and partnership responsibility, and that among the top priorities were investment in organic farming and stockbreeding.



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