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UK: Fish4Ever launched fair fish skipjack tuna

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Fish4Ever (pictures) is the lead brand of sustainable fish in the UK with a comprehensive set of criteria that covers sea, land and people. The company offers a range of tinned fish. "We have to look at sustainability in all it's aspects," says Fish4Ever founder Charles Redfern "the question of who fishes the product is just as important to us.  Ideally we want our fish packed and fished local to where it is caught.  In terms of the developing world, we simply refuse fish caught by foreign long distance water fleets."  Add to that organic land ingredients and rigorous sustainability verification for marine issues and you have a difficult product to get right.
2008 has seen the brand go in leaps and bounds with the company committing to source more than 50 % of it's lines with MSC certification by end 2009 as well as launching the first ever fair fish skipjack tuna in the world with a 10% premium for well fished skipjack.  Fish4Ever points out that fish is a bigger export for poor countries than coffee, tea, bananas and sugar all together, the traditional fair trade product areas.  "We want to set an example so that there is a good alternative for consumers" says Charles.  Fish4Ever is already well established in some export markets, including Holland and Australia, but the company is looking for active long terms partners in other countries.



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