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Flos Olei Guide – organic oils among the best

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Flos Olei profiles the world’s best olive oils and their producers. The Rome-based journalist and expert in wine and oil Marco Oreggia is its publisher, who jointly edits the guide it with Laura Marinelli, The Olive Oil Times reports. Flos Olei is in both Italian and English and costs 30 euros. The 2012 edition will be launched in Rome in late November (picture).

The producers listed in the guide are also competitors for some 20 prizes. The results have just recently been announced. Te full list of winners is available here. The Olive Oil Mill of the Year award went to the Italian producer, Azienda Agraria Viola, an Umbrian family business that consistently produces award-winning results. The Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Year prize went to the Azienda Agricola Biologica Titone in Sicily, for their Titone oil. Both winners are producing their oils according to organic guidelines, like many of the comanies in the top 20 list do.

Since Oreggia’s journalistic activity has been centered in Italy, most of the producers who have presented their oils for vetting and inclusion in the guide are located in Italy. The guide lists 461 producers worldwide, with 259 companies coming from Italy. European producers account for 395 of the total; North and South America have a combined 35; Asia has 16; Oceania has 8; and Africa has 7 companies listed.

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