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Followfish introduces tracking code

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Followfish introduced an online tracking code for fish at BioFach in Nuremberg this year. Followfish is the first brand world-wide to bring a tracking code for fish products onto the market. With the code, each customer is able to follow the fish that they have bought back to where it was caught.


The product has been available on the German market since July 2008 and should be available for purchase in France, England, Austria and Switzerland before the end of the year. At this point of time, the frozen range consists of organic cod, organic salmon, organic Black Tiger Prawns, organic Tilapia and of organic red trout. MSC-certified saithe and MSC-certified sockeye salmon will be added soon. Three more organic fish will be introduced at Intercool in Düsseldorf in September this year.


Sarah Wiener, a well-known chef and gastronome, is promoting the product and is passionate about the idea of a 100 % sustainable fish range – the first one in Germany.



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