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GB: Duchy Originals launches range of herbal remedies

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The Prince of Wales' Duchy Originals is about to launch a range of herbal remedies with a leading British homeopathic manufacturer. The new products were already rolling off the assembly line at Nelsons, a family-run company founded in 1860 which has been supplying remedies since then. The Rescue Remedy, made from natural ingredients, is the company’s best seller.

Prince Charles has long been an advocate of using complimentary medicine and natural remedies alongside conventional treatments, reports Mail Online. The complete manufacturing process was demonstrated to the Prince, from extracting the active ingredients from flowers, many of which were sourced from the UK, to creating creams and tinctures and packaging.

Andrew Baker, Duchy Original's chief executive officer, said that Duchy Original's decision to launch a range of herbal tinctures reflected the Prince's passion for an integrated approach to healthcare. The range was considered to be an exciting development for the company and would bring more funds for the Prince's Charities Foundation. The new line of herbal tinctures will be officially launched in the New Year and be available in Boots and Waitrose.



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