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IFOAM launches best practice community

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Following on the unanimous approval by the IFOAM membership in December of the new Best Practice Guideline for Agriculture and Value Chains, IFOAM is facilitating the development of a Best Practice Community. The Community is intended as a place where companies, standards schemes, and sustainability evaluation tools can show and demonstrate their leadership in bringing the world to sustainability using the principles and practices of organic agriculture as its core and basis, IFOAM reports. The Community is now in active formation, through an organic process whereby its founders come together with IFOAM's facilitation to make this a vibrant, practical, useful, and mutually beneficial association of practical leaders.

The Community is supported by SOAAN (Sustainable Organic Agriculture Action Network), the think-tank behind the creation of the Best Practice Guideline. SOAAN will continue its work of breaking new ground to help mainstream organic agriculture and ensure that it is the leading edge of thought and practice globally. Both SOAAN and the Best Practice Community are interfaced with IFOAM's young research network TIPI (Technology Innovation Platform of IFOAM) to enable a continuous synergistic exchange of information and ideas. For more information on any of the above and  IFOAM's Best Practice Program, David Gould, IFOAM Value Chain Facilitator and SOAAN Secretariat can be contacted via email.



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