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Increasing numbers for organics in the US

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The organic food market in the US has receeived a strong push from health and food safety concerns. Ms. Mogelonsky, senior research analyst at Mintel, stated that organic products were part of the picture for everyone now, from immigrant mothers to suburban teens. Many people were looking for safer and more natural food, since health issues and food contamination were in the news.


The organic food and beverage industry was estimated at almost US $ 6 billion with organic food sales increasing 132 % since 2002, and organic beverage sales were growing by 97 % in the same period, according to Food Navigator.


Mintel’s consumer survey showed that over half of all Americans purchased organic food in the past year, and over a quarter bought organic beverages, compared with 34 % of consumers buying organic food or beverages in 2002.


The group’s Global New Products Database reported that there has also been an increase in the launch of new products. In 2006, about 1,600 new products were introduced in the United States, compared with 732 new products in 2002. 


More than 300 private label organic products were available in retail, and entire departments were offering organic products.


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