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Italy: increased sales of organics in 2007

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The Italian Farmers Confederation Cia revealed – referring to data by Ismea/ACNielsen – that in a phase of decreasing sales in the food sector, the two categories organic food and health food go in the opposite direction.

Domestic sales of organic products showed an increase of 9.7 % in the first nine months of 2007, compared with the same period of the previous year.


Especially families with children showed a higher interest in buying those products. Baby food, sausage and other meat products showed the most impressive increase (43 % and 36 % respectively). Fruit and vegetables grew by 25 %, ice-cream and frozen food by 26 % and dry goods by 22 %. Also, rice and pasta increased, as CIA reveals, by 17 %, and milk and dairy products by 9 %. Sales of oil decreased by 8 %, honey by 3 %, bread by 4 %, and cookies, sweets and snacks by 6 %, reports Green Planet.


There is a gap between the north and the Center and Southern Italy, with sales in certain regions increasing heavily (North-West: + 18 %, North-East+ 15 %) and sales in the other parts of the country decreased (Center of Italy: 9 %, Southern Italy: 4 %).


The results for sale through hypermarkets and supermarkets were also positive, while sales in discounters decreased.


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