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Izmir becomes center for organic agriculture

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The importance of organic products continues to grow in Turkey’s farming sector, and Izmir will become the new national center for organic agriculture. Studies will be carried out and models adapted aiming at creating a standard for organic products.


At the conference “Group Work in Organic Agriculture and New Business Opportunities” at the Aegean Exporters Union, Yasin Türkcan, an expert with the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade, stated that making Izmir a center for organic agriculture would be a model for the whole country.
The first phase of the project would be completed in 2009, Mr. Türkcan said, and continued that within the scope of the studies concerning the development of a National Grouping Policy, they designated the places the groups were to be formed. He considered this project as very important for the medium- and long-term plans of Turkey and the European Union.


As criteria for considering the town for carrying out grouping studies, the city's expertise and export performance were mentioned, for example.


Turkey took part in organic agriculture with 14,000 producers on 192,000 hectares of land and with 207 types of products in 2006, according to Atilla Erten, the president of the Ecological Agriculture Organization.




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