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Lammsbräu introduces its organic beers to the USA

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Consumers in the USA are able to enjoy an organic genuine Bavarian beer. Lammsbräu, Europe’s leading craft brewer of organic beers, introduces a selection of five USDA certified organic brews to the American market, reports The first five Lammsbräu beers available in the United States are Organic Pilsner, a European style lager with a delicate balance of noble hop bitterness and gentle maltiness, Organic Dunkel, a classic Bavarian dark lager, Organic Low Alcohol, a mild alcohol-reduced lager, Organic alcohol-free Hefe-Weizen, the world’s only alcohol-free Bavarian Weiss Beer and Organic Bavarian Brew, a refreshing alcohol-free malt beverage. Lammsbräu Beers are distributed throughout the East and West Coasts as well as in selected Midwestern states.

In 1977, sixth generation brewery owner Dr. Franz Ehrnsperger (picture: Lammsbräu, Dr. Franz Ehrnsperger), a pioneer of the German organic movement, wanted more than just to continue to brew beer in the customary way. In the following years, he consequently transformed the brewery into a fully sustainable enterprise. All ingredients are sourced from local farmer’s cooperatives which produce grain and hops in accordance with the American and European organic standards. In 1992, Lammsbräu became the first certified organic brewery in Europe and remains one of the very few breweries in the world to exclusively produce organic beers. Dr. Ehrnsperger’s visionary work was awarded with the German Environmental Award in 2001, granted by Germany’s Federal Environment Foundation DBU.



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