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Comment by Jan kajander |

A major export region on worldwide basis and traffic reduction reason as well in mind electrical cars, and so forth Nordic & Baltic

I had the opportunity to do a tour land based, ferry & trains and so forth kristiansund Norway , oslo, stockholm, helsinki, baltics to berlin-copenhagen-stockholm-østersund-trondheim-kristiansund, under this basically land travel, i did see 90% abandoned farmland, not any advert i bank windows for buying a farm, not 1 promotion on large posters to get in to farming, not any promotion events whatsoever for export of water production engineering and knowledge, or any sale of equipment with 0% finance, nor any airport train stations with such info-marketing-opportunity-possibility.

What did i see? car driving - and holiday. and robot life

Ain't this a ground level basic thing to check up as such in reality to have it working, whatever pixel patch billion times filter back door remote etc avoid/the issue path in the food production and sales marketing issues?

I do state telegraf station is very much a if not proper army issue to fix that across the world. The pixel playing with endless lines of coding does not make the beef itself...

Regards Jan kajander storgata 53 6508 kristiansund Norway


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