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Bioland in Lebanon – strong mission to spread the organic word

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

So far, the organic sector is still in its infancy in Lebanon. Organics are not widely available, and people need to be educated about their benefits. Some Lebanese farmers planted their first organic trees in 2002. Now these farmers run three farms on about 400,000 m², and around 35 people are employed in this organic business. Their first shop in Achrafieh (Beirut) was opened in December 2013, with prices very competitive with the conventional market (picture).

Bioland has extended the organic offer in Lebanon to include a wider variety of fruits and vegetables, locally produced jams, olive oil, wines, honey, and cereals, fresh organic meat (lamb, goat, and beef), chicken and eggs. Various contracts have been signed in the region (in Syria, Jordan and Iraq) to sell citrus fruit, dates, pistachios, cotton, fruit and vegetables exclusively that are needed in America and Europe. All farms, products, processes, and menus are certified by IMC which enhances the trust factor towards their client base. Additional information on the certification can be found here.

Bioland Lebanon’s motto is Organic for all and their main goal is to make the future green and create organic minds in Lebanon and the region. They are organizing school trips for students to get familiar with the organic concept where they learn about the animals, the trees, etc. Educational visits are also organized for adults.

Just recently, the first of its kind green farm restaurant (picture) in their central farm in Batroun was launched, offering a Sunday buffet and a weekday set menu in the most natural and eco-friendly way. Bioland Lebanon partnered with the world-renowned chef Joe Barza to develop the shop, farm restaurant, and catering menus. A new dairy plant with an R & D department will bring new dairy products. As a further novelty, Bioland is soon launching the first gluten-free menu in Lebanon. It is planned to push the Bioland concept even further with a franchise system that will bring organic shops to other parts of Lebanon and abroad. More information is available here.



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