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London: World’s largest Fairtrade city

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

London has become the world's largest Fairtrade City. Hounslow was recognised as a Fairtrade borough in September 2007, following a two year campaign backed by local faith groups, schools, businesses and residents. A wide range of Fairtrade items are now available in over 60 shops, cafes and restaurants across the borough. Restaurants were called upon to supply Fairtrade wine at a Fairtrade wine tasting event held by the Chiswick Churches for Justice and Peace Group.

The declaration is the culmination of a drive launched in 2003, which has been taken on board and supported by the Mayor Boris Johnson. To celebrate London becoming a Fairtrade City, events were taking place in boroughs around London, reports Organic Monitor. Mr Johnson said that it was great news that London was now officially the world's largest Fairtrade city, with 20 Fairtrade boroughs in the capital. It sent a clear message that Londoners wanted their products to be Fairtrade and to make a significant difference to the lives of farmers and workers in the developing world. Almost 1,000 retailers and 600 catering outlets are now selling a range of products which carry the famous Fairtrade logo. For more information:



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