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More green fashion in the US

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Environmentally friendly clothing is getting more and more popular with the help of name-brand designers like Nike, American Apparel and Eileen Fischer. On the catwalks and in stores across the USA, clothes from organic cotton, wool, bamboo, soybean and corn-based fibres are being shown increasingly.


The outdoor sportsware company Patagonia was a pioneer regarding environmentally conscious clothing when becoming the first major manufacturer to produce fleece from recycled plastic soda bottels and switching to organic cotton in 1996.


Levi’s has just recently begun to sell 100 % organic cotton jeans and there are also organic versions of Levi’s 501 jeans available. The organic Capital E jeans have recycled buttons and rivets. Levi’s also plans to offer organic jeans in more styles starting next year.


The innovations started with high-end designers and retailers, but there are also some bargain retailers with organic cotton active wear, like Sam's Club offering organic jeans. Mainstream chains like Target and Victoria's Secret are also developing organic lines which are expected to enter stores within the next two years. 


According to the Sustainable Cotton Project, 25 % of all pesticides used in US agriculture are used in cotton. The number of large companies offering organic cotton products grew to more than 30 in 2005 from five in 2001, Organic Exchange has revealed. Ms. Calahan Klein of Organic Exchange stated that consumers under 30 were extremely environmentally aware, since they were the generation growing up with recycling.



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