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Mothers are leading the organic revolution

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The majority of UK mums are increasingly converting to the benefits of organic food, according to a new survey. The survey, which was commissioned by the Soil Association, indicates that organic has reached far beyond  ‘yummy mummies’, with more than eight in ten (84%)  mums believing organic food is better for their family. This is supported by other recent evidence which has revealed that even amongst the most disadvantaged families over 50% buy organic food and drink. The poll, undertaken via parenting website Mumsnet, also shows that nine in ten mums believe organic food is better for the planet. (Picture: Unicorn Coop in Manchester)


The survey is supported by the Soil Association’s Organic Market Report, which has also been launched recently. It also highlights a boom in sales of organic, particularly for baby and children’s food. Organic baby food sales rose 7% to approximately £ 78 million, whilst over the same period sales of non-organic baby foods declined by 2%. The organic children’s finger foods sector (rice cakes, rusks, breadsticks and biscuits) increased by a massive 48% - it is so strong it now accounts for 46% of the total finger food market in the UK. And it’s not just babies that are benefiting, kid’s organic yogurts sales rose by 51% in the same period.


Carrie Longton, co-founder of parenting website describes the phenomena: "The survey results show that mumsnetters are concerned about their family’s health and the environment and the majority think that buying organic will be better for both.”




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