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NAIS and COOL in the USA

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

There have been many questions about NAIS (National Animal Identification System) and the COOL (Country of Origin Labeling Law).


NAIS is voluntary. The premise has to be registered and name or operation has to be displayed. It provides traceback to the slaughterhouse and is a group ID for livestock. Since it is voluntary, it is not checked upon and enforced. An affidavit is not enough to comply with. No verifiable audit trail is needed with chain of custody nor record storage and archiving is required. It does not cover peanuts, fruit, vegetables or fish.


COOL is mandatory starting September 30, 2008. The premise does not have to be registered, and the name or operation does not have to be displayed. It provides traceback to the retail shelve (field-to-fork). It is an individual traceback, not only for livestock (see State officials and AMS-USDA are checking and enforcing the law. An affidavit is not enough to comply with, one needs a unique number, like an ISO RFID number and/or a SSI-EID Code created automatically in the ScoringAG database. Verifiable audit trail is needed with chain of custody, so the retail store can have proper origin labels. Record storage and archiving is required for two years on the farm level up to retailer, and one year for the retailer and all their suppliers. It does also cover peanuts, fruits, vegetables and fish.  


As AMS-USDA (Agricultural Marketing Service – United States Department of Agriculture) will start checking the retail stores on October 1, 2008, there are only a few days left to get started with the required recordkeeping for the COOL Law on farm level.  Every head of livestock needs to have a form of a unique ID for COOL for easy recordkeeping. The easiest and cheapest way for producers to keep records is with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags and boluses in the ScoringAg database. Producers need to order enough RFID tags and boluses ahead thru December 2008 as there will be a shortage soon, as the tag companies weren’t prepared for it. This has happened in Europe and Australia when the law forced them to ID animals. A FDX ISO standard RFID Eartag with ScoringAg database record is $ 1.98 for limited time. A RFID bolus with ScoringAg database is $ 2.83.


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