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NaturaSì and Ecor Joined Forces in Italy

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Many years of collaboration have now found concrete expression in the realm of company stock. The minority equity of Ecor Spa, 49 %, has been acquired by NaturaSì Spa, the Verona based company which offers to franchise projects to open supermarkets for natural and organic products. Ecor Spa, the most important company to distribute organic and biodynamic products in Italy, has received 49 % of NaturaSì stock in exchange. This act arose out of the synergy developed over recent years and was guided by common values: to strengthen the specialized distribution, to professionalize the sector, to enhance the quality of products, to operate in a more structured and more intensive way and to give attention to the ethics of proper work. This synergy has brought their resources together over recent months to create common working methods between their principle offices at Verona and San Vendemiano.

This exchange of stock, stated Felice Lasalvia Di Clemente, President of NaturaSì, allows them to find a way to strengthen the retail trade in order to be able to compete and face the challenges in the years ahead. Fabio Brescacin, President of Ecor, stated that this partnership has enabled them to combine their resources and energy in order to become even more professional and competitive as well as to invest in the development of quality in organic and biodynamic agriculture. (photo: marketing concept of Ecor).


NaturaSì is the only specialized supermarket chain in the area of organic and natural products. It was founded in Verona in1992 by a group of professionals, united by the passion for organic products and the desire to disseminate them. Today, there are 48 NaturaSì sales outlets in Italy and 4 in Spain. To promote organic food and natural well-being, NaturaSì has created the projects Carnesì (organic butchery), Benesseresì (centre for well-being and beauty) and NaturaSì Cucina Biologica (restaurants). With 3100 articles, a turnover of 70 Million Euros and a staff of 140 employees, Ecor is the most important Italian company in the distribution of organic products. Source: Greenplanet














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