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NaturaSì thinks of Flotation on the Stock Market in 2008

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

More and more companies in Verona canvass the stock market and the Merchant Bank. Borsaitalia and the London Stock Exchange have chosen the Region of Veneto to offer the markets Expandi and Aim respectively. Oscar Williams, advisor of the Italian companies quoted on the London Stock Market, says the access is much easier and faster than at Expandi.

Carlo Fratta Pasine, President of the Banco Popolare di Verona e Novara, stated at a meeting on internationalization of companies that the entrepreneurs of Verona had to find new methods of financing if they wished to grow and withstand international competition. Looking at India, for example, thousands of companies were quoted while in Verona there were only a few. In fact, there are only five: Bpvn, Cattolica, Cad, Treivsan and Vemer Siber.

Many other companies in Verona have seriously thought of entering the Stock Market. Among them is NaturaSì. Felice Lasalvia di Clemente, President of NaturaSì, a company in Verona and, with 50 million euros the leader in the organic products sector in Italy, stated that a merchant bank had offered them the opportunity to be listed by Aim of London, where the process of being quoted seems to be easier and where there is an English guarantor. For NaturaSì this is a favourable project, although it might bring  deceleration in growth. All will be revealed in the spring of 2008. To enter the Stock market, a clear industrial plan is needed and the organizational structure has to be well defined.


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