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New study on consumer behaviour

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The first study ever regarding consumer behaviour towards natural personal care products has found that to 89 % of people buying natural personal care products it was important or very important to avoid synthetic chemicals. Just 4 % said that it was not important to them. According to this recent study of Organic Monitor, health motives and ethical considerations were the primary motives for 71 % of purchasers, and the presence of natural and organic ingredients were the main reason for 17 % of buyers. Most concern was caused by parabens –one third of consumers stated they tried to avoid them in personal care products, reports Soapwire.


Only 35 % of consumers said that they were looking for symbols and logos when buying natural personal products. About half of those consumers looked for the Soil Association symbol. 79 % of the surveyed said they would be willing to pay a premium for certified products, but only less than a quarter would pay a premium of more than 30 %.


Personal interviews were conducted by Organic Monitor to get an inside into consumer attitudes, preferences and expectations of natural personal care products in the UK. According to the study, the typical buyer is female, young to middle-aged, well educated and found in the higher social bands. Most purchasers have been buying natural personal care products for more than two years, and most new consumers were from the younger age group.


Consumer Behaviour

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